Whether it’s a minor, extreme, super extreme or Aggravated DUI, Jamie understands the seriousness and repercussions her client’s face. As a former prosecutor, Jamie is a skilled DUI attorney. Jamie Sparks is a skilled DUI attorney who has several years of dealing with drunk driving cases in the valley. If we can’t get the case dropped we will do everything in our power to reduce the charges or get you the lowest possible fines.

Jamie Sparks is some you can trust to handle you case, who will take the time to answer all you questions and remove all the uncertainty involved with a DUI.




First-Time DUI
Extreme DUI
Repeat DUI
Underage DUI
Drugged Driver DUI
Out of State DUI
Aggravated DUI
Dui with Injury

Getting Started
Jaime Sparks takes the time to meet with all her clients face to face through an initial one on one consultation. Upon agreement with representation, Jaime law team will immediately begin their investigation due to highly time sensitive nature of personal injury cases.



Evidence Collection
Gather all crucial evidence (breathalyzer/blood-work results) and inform you on all court related dates and paperwork that’s need to be signed in a timely matter. This includes, filing the MVD process paperwork, towing/storage and related police reports.



Trusted Advocate
It is important that you remain silent through out the process to protect your rights. Anything you say to the police officers can undermine your case. Working with a lawyer can help smooth out the lengthy process so you can get back on your feet.



If you have been involved in DUI, we highly recommend you contact the law office of Jaime Sparks. Jaime and her team will build an effective and aggressive case to get you back on track with your life.